September 22, 2023

Quick Tips for Successful Facebook Ads

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Locus Marketing is excited to announce that it has added Facebook Ads to its list of our digital advertising services. Facebook is continuously adding more monetization tools to make ads even more effective at driving sales.

Facebook likes are nice, but leads are even better! Try out these strategies:

  • Send your traffic to a high converting landing page
  • Test impression bidding vs CPC bidding
  • Test radius vs. zip codes for local targeting
  • Take advantage of ads that work well with Lookalike audience

Strategically creating Facebook Ads will improve their client’s marketing consistency and effectiveness. Ads allow businesses to target specific markets based on demographics, behavior, and contact information to guarantee more leads and exposure to potential customers.

Businesses who personally handle their Facebook Ads spend tons of money experimenting with different demographics and types of content. People with little experience in online advertising lose time and money trying to figure out what methods are the most effective.

Locus Marketing’s years of experience in online marketing has taught them what works and what doesn’t so there is no trial and error period for their clients. Their knowledge will optimize ad campaigns with quick results and high lead generation.

Locus Marketing will also provide detailed ad tracking to monitor impact. Their analysis of these reports will allow them to continue to provide their clients with top-notch services and improve future campaigns.

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