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The Need

Brian Hernedez owns and operates VIP 1 to 1 Fitness center in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He works 1 on 1 with clients to create custom workouts personalized to their goals. With 12 years of experience in Bergen County, he’s dedicated to his serving community.

Unsatisfied with making less than 100k a year, Brian was looking for ways to grow his clientele and bring in new customers. Without any marketing experience, Brian decided to partner up with Locus to help expand his business and increase revenue.

Our Expertise

New Website Development

By implementing SEO and marketing automation, we were able to make Brian’s website an effective and easy way to increase traffic. We also created a concise website copy that spoke to his target audience, highlighting Brian’s expertise and credentials.

Email Campaigns

We utilized our knowledge of marketing funnels and built multiple successful email campaigns that peaked the interest of customers and resulted in an increased number of leads.

The Solution

Locus Marketing did a thorough interview and analysis of the market and set off to create the best online presence in Bergen County. Within the first few weeks, it was apparent that a new marketing strategy would bring great ROI to VIP Fitness Center.

Lead generation from organic traffic sources went from 5/month to averaging 17 high-quality leads per month in the first 3 months. Currently averaging 23/month for new personal training prospects with a value of $400-1,000 per month for each lead. This gives VIP fitness a stunning 400 – 800% return on its investment. 


Within one year of working with Locus, VIP Fitness Center lead generation quadrupled. Earning Brian over 200k in personal training revenue. Not only did his business revenue double, but his local organic traffic also doubled in just 9 months!


“Having worked with Locus Marketing since 2014, I can wholeheartedly say their expertise has been a game-changer for my VIP Personal Fitness. Their knack for creating lead generation websites has significantly propelled our growth, providing us with a steady stream of organic leads for almost a decade.

The recent website overhaul they spearheaded played a pivotal role in generating over $196K in new personal training revenue, a testament to their skill and understanding of our business needs. Their strategic approach to SEO, especially with keyword selection, has not only increased our online visibility but effectively doubled our website traffic, solidifying our presence in the fitness industry.”

Real Results

Their consistent results, innovative strategies, and understanding of digital marketing trends have made them an invaluable asset to VIP. I couldn’t recommend them more highly to anyone looking to elevate their online presence and business growth.


Revenue in 1 Year


Organic Traffic in 9 Months

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