How An Online Fitness Brand Increased Their Revenue by 477% Even During the Pandemic.

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The Need

After Jari successfully created a name for herself as a renowned personal trainer and sold over a million copies of her workout DVD, she experienced a plateau with over a 60% online sales decline. She had been committed to a marketing agency but had to end their 10-year partnership due to major violations within their agreement. Jari came to us to revitalize her business. Seeking guidance in increasing online presence as well as creating marketing campaigns.

Our Expertise

Sales driven Marketing Campaigns

Our main strategy for boosting sales revenue came from our plan to create one-of-a-kind email and social media campaigns created that improved client participation and interaction with Jari’s services.

Creativity and Innovation

Jari was seeing a decrease in her Get RIPPED® DVD sales as more and more people transitioned to fully digital workouts. We created a Get RIPPED® Live OnDemand App to stay relevant and attract customers in the digital age.

Marketing rich website development

We improved website exposure as well as user experience by creating effective copy that highlighted key features and benefits of her work. We utilized SEO to position Jari at the top of search results and give her the exposure she needed to attract new customers.

The Solution

One of our most successful campaigns was the “OnDemand 2.0 App Launch” in 2023. Locus redesigned and launched a new fitness coaching app for live workouts that includes Jari’s catalog of over 300 workout videos. First we revamped the digital platform on both iOS and Android to improve user experience. Users can stream from any location using their phone, television, or computer. To make browsing easier, the platform organizes videos by category and length. Jari separates herself from the competition by offering live weekly classes on the OnDemand platform so clients can get fitness training without hiring a personal trainer.

We launched an email campaign announcing the new and improved OnDemand app. To draw in customers we offered eye catching discounts for the earliest buyers. By highlighting the convenience, value, and time sensitive sale on the new app, OnDemand sales soared. Jari Love tripled her engagement rates and led to a 400% increase in her revenue over the previous year.


By implementing various SEO strategies, proven marketing tactics, and designing an easy-to-use website and app, Jari Love saw amazing success. Not only were we able to help Jari’s business recover, we were able to help it thrive.


After her negative experience with her past marketing agency, Jari trusted us to help her out of a difficult situation. Since then, she’s been happy with the support and new ideas we’ve contributed to website design and campaigns. After working with us, she saw a 477% profit increase, 469.2% revenue increase, and an average of 48 leads/month.


“I like how you can come up with ideas and get me the results I need to hit my goals.”

“I’ve worked with at least 5 other website designers in the past, and each one of those situations was very very painful and they were just too hard to work with and they were not affordable. But with Locus Marketing, I got experts who understand the fitness business and who are able to make recommendations and help me create the website with the look and feel that I was looking for. I am so happy and so grateful that I met Shingo. Thank you, Locus!”

Real Results

Jari trusted us to help her out of a difficult situation. After working with us, she saw a 477% profit increase, a 469.2% revenue increase, and an average of 48 leads/month.


Profit Increase


Revenue Increase

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