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The Need

As a start up, Mellow Perro’s founder/CEO Ty Debique wanted to create a high-end canine supplement line in the competitive pet food industry. His journey began when he tried to find a calming dog supplement to ease his dog’s anxiety on road trips but he struggled to find an all natural option. Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he formulated it himself. The challenge was to establish Mellow Perro in a highly competitive industry and communicate the company’s commitment to high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Mellow Perro needed to stand out as a high end, premium dog treat and supplement brand.

Our Expertise

Website Design

Our first objective was to create a polished, welcoming website that spoke to dog owners on matters they care about. This involved calculated graphic design, elevated UX, and compelling website copy to increase traffic and exposure.

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Our team spent time researching and brainstorming one-of-a-kind marketing campaign strategies that would boost Ty’s business’ visibility while also peaking the interest of potential new clients. We worked to target Mellow Perro’s desired audience for premium dog treats and supplements.

Shopify Development

We used Shopify as an enterprise level ecommerce solution to make sales easy and fast for customers. This also allowed us to offer subscription services for consistent business and dedicated customers.

The Solution

After studying Ty’s brand and target audience, we designed a website that could break into a highly competitive industry. We highlighted Mellow Perro’s premium quality, commitment to canine health, and inviting design.  To set this company apart from the competition we gave a spotlight to their commitment to natural ingredients and rigorous quality standards.


The website design and development was a success resulting in a highly engaging ship designed to convert Mellow Perro’s target audience. With traffic and sales improving every week, we are excited to see Mellow Perro’s exponential success.

The brand’s products were made in the USA, adhering to FDA and USDA standards. They proudly embraced a “no artificial preservatives, no GMO additives, and no artificial colorings” policy, ensuring that their treats and supplements were free from harmful substances that could impact a dog’s health. This approach is helping Mellow Perro break into the pet industry as their message resonates with caring pet owners.

Real Results

Highly engaging online store designed to convert Mellow Perro’s target audience. We’ve been helping helping Mellow Perro break into the dog nutrition industry as their message resonates with caring pet owners.

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